Model how weathering and erosion work

Kit contents: Vinegar (acid), goggles, sugar cubes, 2 pieces of chalk, ziplock bag, pebbles, 2 plastic cups, clear plastic container with lid

Key concepts: weathering, erosion, how landforms change over time

Science Standards:
Student knows that the surface of the Earth is in a continuous state of change as waves, weather, and shifts of the land constantly change and produce many new features (SC.D.1.2.4).
Student knows that some changes in the Earth’s surface are due to slow processes and some changes are due to rapid processes (SC.D.1.2.5).
Student knows that a successful method to explore the natural world is to observe and record, and then analyze and communicate the results (SC.H.1.2.2).
Student knows that through the use of science processes and knowledge, people can solve problems, make decisions, and form new ideas (SC.H.3.2.4).

Basic procedure
Key Knowledge
Science Background
Script Idea
Barrier Islands
Alternate Ideas
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