Explore different means of removing pollutants

The activity can fill several roles. It can be used in the beginning of the school year to cover the scientific method. It can be used as part of a unit on solubility. Or it can be used as part of the unit on ecosystems. In each case the key vocabulary and lessons differ, though they are all applicable.

Kit contents: Coffee Filters, Cotton, Paper Towels, Cups, Rubber Bands, Chalk, Food Coloring, Pitcher, Spoon

Vocabulary: Scientific Method: the five steps of the scientific method are: observe and ask questions, form a hypothesis, plan an experiment, conduct an experiment, and draw conclusions and communicate results.
Solubility: mixture, solution, solubility, suspension
Ecosystem: ecosystem

Science Standards: SC.5.P.8.3 Demonstrate and explain that mixtures of solids can be separated based on observable properties of their parts such as particle size, shape, color, and magnetic attraction.

Key Knowledge
Script idea - Ecosystems
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Script idea - Solutions
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Additional Demos - Solutions
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