NOTE: The activities have been changed this year. The official activity, Earth's Rotation, is similar to the previous activity on seasons. We will be updating the online information in the near future. In the meantime, some of the information on the Seasons activity maybe of interest.


Explore the causes of the seasons

Kit contents: Globe, 2 golf tees (tape to the globe before class), tape, flashlight

Key concepts:

Science Standards:
Student knows that the tilt of the Earth on its own axis as it rotates and revolves around the Sun causes changes in season, length of day and energy available (SC.E.1.2.1).
Student knows that a model of something is different from the real thing, but can be used to learn something about the real thing (SC.H.1.2.5).




Basic procedure
Key Knowledge
Seasons Data
Science Background
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Alternate Ideas
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