State Science Standards:

General things to consider when doing activities:

Tie the activity in with other areas. Math linkages include calculating, graphing. Social studies/history/daily life is a little more challenging, but very important. Tie the lessons learned in that activity into a variety of fields--rocket propulsion is related to military and space as well as marine biology (squid propulsion); geology is related to archeology and oil drilling.

Always stress safety in the beginning and throughout the activity.

Try to stick with metric measurement. We want the kids to gain familiarity with that system.

If possible, help the teams divvy up roles in the activities so each child feels they get to participate

If the kids have questions they can think of to investigate with the given materials, let them try to come up with an experiment.

Write key vocabularly on the board as it comes up. Check with the teacher if they have a vocabulary wall or other system you could integrate with.


Mathematics Knowledge